Homebrewed contrib modules


Homebrewed contrib modules


Bekijk hier onze in huis gemaakte contrib modules:

  • Single Page Site
    This module provides functionality to create a single page website. It allows you to automatically create a single page from a menu. The module will render all the content from the links, that are configured in the menu, on one page. It will then override the menu links so that they refer to an anchor instead of a new page.
  • Slider Pro
    The Slider Pro module integrates the slider pro library with drupal. Slider Pro is a responsive and touch-enabled jQuery slider that allows you to create elegant and professionally looking slider. This module integrates with the views module.
  • Ajax Loader
    The ajax loader module provides you alternatives to the default drupal core ajax throbber. When this module is configured, it overrides the default drupal throbber. (the custom throbbers are pure CSS.
  • Lightgallery
    The LightGallery module integrates the jQuery lightgallery plugin with drupal. jQuery lightgallery is a customizable, modular, responsive, lightbox gallery plugin for jQuery.
  • Skype
    This module provides a field to integrate with Skype buttons and Skype URI's. The module contains 2 formatters, both configurable.
  • Domain Restriction Formatter
    This module exposes a formatter to hide or show fields on selected domains. All fields in the "manage display" tabs can be configured.
  • Devel generate delete
    Easily delete content, users, terms and menu items generated by devel.
  • Deny Node Nid Path
    This module blocks the page view of nodes as defined in the node_form. All nodes are still accessible in lists created by views or other modules.

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